I would like to contact showcase, but can't find an e-mail address!
  Whenever you have a question regarding our models or models we are selling, please feel free to contact us per e-mail. If you wish to write us from your home pc and have installed some sort of mailing software simply "click here". If you are used to write your e-mails through your browser or need our e-mail address for later use, you can copy & paste it:
I've sent you an e-mail but didn't receive any answer from you yet!
  First of all, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our e-mail system. It may take a few days until we are able to send an answer. However if you think your e-mail could have been lost, do not hesitate to write us a second time.
I'm used to the old way your homepage was looking like, why did you change it?
  We had to make some slight changes to our homepage because we wanted to add some new features and improved the "cross-browser-compatibility".
What is "cross-browser-compatibility"?
  Internet browsers read html-code differently. In fact, some browsers cannot read certain code at all. Internet viewers use a variety of browsers. Because of this, it is important to make a homepage compatible to the different ways internet browsers are interpreting html-code.
Why are you making only such small quantities of each hand built?
  We are making only one casting mould per model. Once that has served for a casting run it will deteriorate rapidly and usually won't last for much more than 40 to 50 models, depending on the complexity of the cast piece.