How can I order a model from Showcase?
  Just click on "Order Info" and write us an e-mail regarding the model you are interested in.
How long will it take until my ordered models arrive?
  Whenever you order a model car from us, we build this car by hand. Due to this fact, it might take up to a few months until we can ship your model car. None the less we eagerly answer your questions about your orders status.
HELP! Your homepage seems to be scrambled, and, or, i can't navigate through the menu points.
  Despite the fact we tried to optimize our homepage to be cross browser compatible, it may occur that some older browsers can't show everything we intended to show. Try to change your internet browser, or if this isn't possible write us an e-mail regarding your browser and platform.
What is "cross-browser-compatibility"?
  Internet browsers read code differently. In fact, some browsers cannot read certain code at all. Internet viewers use a variety of browsers. Because of this, it is importa nt to make a homepage compatible to almost all those different ways internet browsers are interpreting code.
Why are you making only such small quantities of each hand built?
  I am making only one casting mould per model. Once that has served for a casting run it will deteriorate rapidly and usually won't last for much more than 40 models.